Тетрадкин Град

The nutcracker


Narrator(Godfather Dross)


Frank (and a toy of the Land of toys)

Mum (and a toy of the Land of toys)

Dad (and a toy of the Land of toys)

Aunt Harriet( and Sugar Plum Fairy)

Cousin Louisa (and a toy of the Land of toys)

Cousin Michael (and the Mouse King)

The Nutcracker ( and nephew Noel)

1st mouse (and a toy of the Land of toys)

2nd mouse (and a toy of the Land of toys)

Captain Brown (a toy soldier)

Bella the Ballerina

Humpty Dumpty

Daisy (a new doll)

Trudy (an old doll)

Owl Clock (and a toy of the Land of toys)

NARRATOR: Merry Christmas everyone. I’m going to tell you a Christmas story. It happened in a German town on Christmas eve many years ago.

This story is about kindness and evil , courage and cowardice .

Scene 1

Занавес закрыт, из-за занавеса выглядывают головы Клары и Фрэнка , словно они смотрят в окно.

CLARE: Look at that snow falling!

FRANK: Can you see our Godfather Dross?

CLARE: Not yet.

FRANK: Are you sure?

CLARE: He’ll be here, Frank. It’s Christmas Eve & he has never missed a Christmas Eve yet. Nothing could stop him.

FRANK: Maybe he’s frozen solid somewhere out in that storm…

CLARE: Oh, Frank, stop that! Look! Someone is coming.

FRANK: Maybe it’s he, our Godfather Dross!(его голова исчезает)

CLARE: Wait for me! (её голова тоже исчезает)

Scene 2

В зал входят тётя Хериет со своими детьми, Луизой и Майклом, Майкл несёт подарки, они проходят через зал на сцену, Тётя Хериет раскланивается перед публикой и говорит "Merry Christmas” , подталкивает своих детей " Say Merry Christmas”. Они поднимаются на сцену.

LOUISA: It’s so cold tonight. Let’s hurry inside, Mum.

AUNT HARRIET: Nonsense, dear. This is what I call healthy weather. The cold keeps your blood warm.

MICHAEL(подпрыгивает ,пытаясь согреться) : As long as you keep moving.

Из занавеса появляется Frank.

FRANK: I came as fast as I could, Godfa… (видит тётю и смущается)

AUNT HATTIET: How sweet of you, Frank, to greet us at the door.

MICHAEL(гримасничает Фрэнку) : Sweet!

Занавес открывается.

Гостиная, в центре ёлка, под ней подарки ,игрушки .

AUNT: Louisa, Michael, look at the tree. It’s glorious, isn’t it?

LOUISA: Yes, it’s wonderful. MICHAEL: A tree is a tree. I wonder where my present is.

В гостиную входят папа, мама и Клара.

DAD: Harriet, my favourite sister!

HARRIET: Your only sister .

DAD: May be that’s why you’re my favourite.

MOTHER: Harriet, we are so glad you could come.

HARRIET: Well, we always come on Christmas eve.

DAD: Harriet, would you like some tea?

HARRIET: With pleasure .

Папа , мама, Майкл, Хериет садятся за стол пить чай.

Клара беседует с Луизой.

CLARE: Nice to see you, Louisa. Your dress is beautiful.

LOUISA: Do you like it? And you, Clare, look great. You have grown up. You have become taller.

CLARE (берёт из-под ёлки свою новую куклу): Look! This is my new doll, my mum presented it to me.

LOUISA: What’s her name?

CLARE: Daisy. She is great, isn’t she?

LOUISA: She is nice, but I think your old doll Trudy (указывает на куклу под ёлкой) is better.I want to give you my doll, Bella the ballerina (протягивает ей куклу балерины). I know you like her.

CLARE: Thanks, but she is your favourite doll.

LOUISA:I’m too old to play with dolls.

CLARE : I’ll put Bella the ballerina with other presents (ставит куклу под ёлку к другим игрушкам).

Майкл подходит к Кларе, его руки за спиной, он что-то прячет.

MICHAEL:Clare, would you like to see what I have for you?

CLARE: I’m not sure…

MICHAEL:But this is special. Look, Clare! A mouse!

CLARE (вскрикивает): A mouse! (бежит к маме) Oh, mum, save me! (прячется за мамой)

MUM:What’s the matter with you, Clare?

CLARE: Michael has got a mouse, I’m afraid of mice.

HARRIET:A mouse? Michael! Where did you get a mouse? Get it away!

FATHER(берёт руку Майкла): Oh, Michael! You are playing your tricks again! It’s nothing but a sugar plum.

Хериет с подарками.

HARRIET: Clare,Frank , here are your Christmas presents.

FRANK(открывает свой подарок) : Oh, a toy soldier,it’s great!

I’ll call him Captain Brown. Thank you, Aunt Harriet, you know what I like.

MOTHER: Frank is mad for soldiers. He’s got lots of them and plays only with them.

HARRIET: And this is for you, Clare.

CLARE(открывает свой подарок) : Shoes! They’re nice.Thank you, Aunt Harriet

( надевает туфли ).

LOUISA: My mum likes to make and get only practical presents.

HARRIET: Yes, I do. But Mister Dross (качает головой), his presents are always impractical.

MOTHER: Oh, Harriet, the kids adore him.

HARRIET: Because he is like a child .By the way, where is he, your favourite Godfather Dross?

Появляется крёстный Дросс.

DROSS: Have no fear … Dross is here! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas, everyone!

CLARE & FRANK: Godfather Dross! (подбегают к нему)

DROSS: The one and only!

FRANK:We have been waiting and waiting.

DROSS: I’m a little late , but I’ve got a surprise for you.

CLARE: Oh, please, let me see your surprise.

FRANK: I’m the older. I should open it.

Фрэнк разворачивает коробку, там кукольный замок.

FRANK (разочарованно): A doll’s castle , how boring! It’s for you, Clare.

CLARE: It’s wonderful!

LOUISA: The toys in it look like they are alive.

Клара разворачивает другую коробку, там щелкунчик.

CLARE: What’s this? A soldier? It’s for you, Frank.

FRANK: It’s not a toy soldier , it hasn’t even got a sword!

DROSS: It’s not a toy soldier, it’s a nutcracker.

FRANK: A nutcracker! I don’t even like nuts!

FATHER: I don’t like your attitude, Frank.

CLARE: I like him, he is nice.

FRANK: OK, you can play with him.

DROSS: Louisa, Michael, here are presents for you ( даёт подарки Майклу и Луизе)


HARRIET:Well, kids, it’s rather late, it’s time to go home. Good night everybody. Merry Christmas.

FATHER(обращается к Herriet & her kids): Merry Christmas.

Thank you for coming.

Отец, Хериет, Луиза, Майкл, Фрэнк уходят.

MOTHER: Clare, you may go upstairs to bed.

CLARE:All right, mum.

Мама уходит, Дросс и Клара разговаривают.

CLARE: Godfather Dross, I like the nutcracker, he is nice.

DROSS: I’m glad you like him. It is a magnificent nutcracker.

He is the prince of toys.

CLARE: The prince of toys! How interesting! If my nutcracker is the prince of toys, I’ll put him with my other toys. (Клара заходит за ёлку).

Появляются мама и папа.

MUM: Kids like Christmas very much.

DAD: And Christmas presents too. Frank is in bed. Where is Clare?

MUM: She is already in her bed. Look, it’s nearly twelve.

DAD: Merry Christmas, dear.

MUM: And to you, too...

Занавес закрывается.

Scene 3

Звучит бой часов (занавес закрыт)


To wit, to woo

To wit, to woo.

It’s twelve o’clock

Or quarter past

I feel excitement

Coming fast.

NARRATOR: When the сlock struck twelve, the toys under the Christmas tree started to grow and grow and then they became big and alive.


It’s twelve o’clock

It’s the end of the day

It’s time for the toys

To come out and play!

Scene 4

Занавес открывается, ожившие куклы стоят перед деревом.

BELLA: Mister, please, don’t stand on my toes. I dance on my toes.

HUMPTY DUMPTY: I’m terribly sorry, Miss…

BELLA: I’m Bella the ballerina. Look, I’ve got a pretty skirt and I’ve got such pretty shoes.

HUMPTY DUMPTY: And I’m Humpty Dumpty.

BELLA: What a funny name and you look so strange!

HUMPTY DUMPTY: Don’t you know my story?

Шалтай Болтай рассказывает " Humpty Dumpty”

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the king`s horses and all the king`s men

Couldn`t put Humpty together again.

Впереди 2 куклы:Дейзи и Труди .

DAISY: How boring! The toys are dull and old. And only I… am (смотрится в зеркало) beautiful.

TRUDY: Excuse me, who are you?

DAISY: I’m Daisy, I’m Clare’s new doll. And you, who are you?

TRUDY: I’m Trudy. I’m Clare’s favourite doll. Clare always plays with me.

DAISY: You? Favourite? Now I will be her favourite doll.

She will play only with me.

TRUDY: Clare shares her problems and secrets with me, and I try to help her.

DAISY: I don’t like others’ problems, I don’t like to help anybody.

TRUDY: What are you made for?

DAISY:To be adored , to be delighted , to be loved …

Появляется Клара.

CLARE: I can’t believe my eyes. My toys can speak and move without my help. It’s great!

TOYS: Merry Christmas, Clare.

CAPTAIN BROWN: Tonight is a magic night. Dear Clare, don’t be surprised!

Слышен громкий шорох.

CLARE: Did you hear a noise? I wonder what it is.

HUMPTY DUMPTY: I’m afraid it’s the Mouse King.

TOYS (шепчут): the Mouse King… the Mouse King …

CLARE: The Mouse King… Who is the Mouse King?

Появляется Король мышей.

MOUSE KING: Where is the Nutcracker? I came here to fight with him and his toys. Mice! Come to me.

1st, 2nd MICE: Here we are, Your Majesty!

MOUSE KING: Let’s go and find the Nutcracker. Follow me!

1st, 2nd MICE: Yes, Your Majesty!

Мыши уходят, выходит Щелкунчик.

BELLA: Nutcracker, our prince, you have come!

CAPTAIN BROWN: Here it is dangerous for you!

HUMPTY DUMPTY: The Mouse King wants to kill you.

TRUDY: Prince, let me hide you in my box.

NUTCRACKER: Trudy, thank you for your help, but I’m ready to fight the Mouse King. I can’t allow him to do what he wants. I will fight with him and his mice.

DAISY: How will you fight with them? You haven’t even got a sword!

CAPTAIN BROWN: You can take my sword. Here it is (подаёт щелкунчику свою шпагу).

NUTCRACKER: Thank you, Captain Brown (берёт его шпагу).

TRUDY: We’ll help you, our prince, we’ll fight together against the Mouse King.

CAPTAIN BROWN: It’s a good idea, Trudy. I have great experience fighting with mice!

DAISY: But dolls are not made for fighting, only for dancing and singing.

TOYS: What?

DAISY: OK, all right, I will join you.

CAPTAIN BROWN: Frank has got lots of swords, take them!

Появляется Король мышей с мышами.

MOUSE KING: Ha, ha, you are here , the Nutcracker, you and your stupid wooden dolls. I will break all of you, and only I will be the King here! Mice, go!

Идёт борьба, Король мышей шпагой ранит Щелкунчика, он падает, вбегает Клара

CLARE : Stop! No! (бросает в Короля туфлю) Go away ! Go away, the Mouse King!

MOUSE KING: OK, but soon I’ll be back.

Куклы стоят вокруг Щелкунчика, Клара склонилась над ним.

CLARE: Nutcracker, wake up! Please, wake up! I love you, my brave Nutcracker!

Щелкунчик встаёт уже без маски.

NUTCRACKER: Dear Clare, you saved me.

CLARE: But you… You are so nice. What happened to your face? You are not a nutcracker! You are the prince, the prince of toys.

NUTCRACKER: It’s a long and sad story. It happened many years ago, I killed the Mouse Queen, but before she died she turned me into a nutcracker. And only the love of a beautiful girl could return my real appearance. And you, dear Clare, and your kind heart , did it . Thank you!

CAPTAIN BROWN: Prince, we have no time.

TRUDY: The Mouse King will come back soon.

NUTCRACKER: You are right, let’s go!

CLARE: Where will we go?

NUTCRACKER: I will show you my land of toys.

CLARE: The land of toys! I have dreamed of being there.

Все уходят .

Scene 5

Звучит музыка "The Land of toys”(танец цветов по балету).

Выходят куклы , танцуют.

СLARE: It’s wonderful! I have never seen such beauty before!

NUTCRACKER: My dear toys, let me introduce to you this girl. She is Clare, she saved me from the Mouse King.

1st TOY: Pleased to meet you, Clare.

2nd TOY: Merry Christmas, Clare! You saved our prince.

3rd TOY : Merry Christmas, Clare! You are a very kind girl.

4th TOY: Merry Christmas, Clare ! You are a nice and brave girl.

CLARE: Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for your dance. You are really great!

NUTCRACKER: Now I want to introduce you to my godmother, Sugar Plum Fairy.

CLARE: Does she live here?

NUTCRACKER: No, she lives in the Kingdom of the Sweets.

CLARE: Kingdom of the Sweets? It sounds wonderful!

Scene 6

Звучит музыка "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”.

CLARE(рассматривает декорации): It’s fantastic! A gingerbread house! Lollypop trees, chocolate flowers ,and snow (пробует на вкус): it’s made of sugar. It’s a very tasty Kingdom!

NUTCRACKER: Clare, this is my godmother, Sugar Plum Fairy.

SUGAR PLUM FAIRY: Merry Christmas, Clare, I’m glad to meet you.

CLARE: Me too. I have never seen Fairies before.

FAIRY: You are a kind girl. Here is your shoe.

CLARE: Oh, thank you. My Aunt Harriet gave me new shoes. Her presents are really practical. Tonight this shoe saved our prince of toys.

FAIRY: I know.

NUTCRACKER: Dear Clare , may I invite you to dance?

CLARE: Sure, with pleasure.

Звучит мелодия (адажио по балету) .Щелкунчик и Клара танцуют.

NUTCRACKER: Dear Clare, I want to ask you one thing… Hhh…

CLARE: Prince, what do you want to ask me?

NUTCRACKER:Would you like to stay here, in my land of toys with me and my toys?

CLARE: Stay here? Forever?

TOYS: Please, Clare, stay here, stay with us.

1st TOY: You’ll be our princess!

2nd TOY: We’ll have a prince and a princess!!!

TOYS: Hooray! Hooray! It will be great!

CLARE: My prince, my dear toys, of course, I love you very much, you are my best friends, but … but… I can’t stay here forever. I love my parents and my brother Frank, and my godfather Dross, and my aunt Harriet and my cousins Louisa and Michael… I want to go back home, I don’t want to be a little girl forever and …

Пока Клара говорит последнюю реплику, куклы ломаются, Щелкунчик падает, свет гаснет.

СLARE : Nutcracker, toys, Sugar Plum Fairy, where are you?

Nutcracker, my prince, where are you? I love you!

Занавес закрывается.

Scene 7

Куклы, подарки стоят на прежних местах.

Выходят мама, папа, Фрэнк.

MUM: Frank, have you seen Clare today?

DAD: She didn’t sleep in her bed.

MUM: Where can she be, our little princess?

FRANK: I don’t know (смотрит на игрушки под ёлкой) . My Captain Brown, where is your sword? Where did you lose it?(залезает под ёлку и кричит оттуда).Mum, Dad, I found Clare. She is sleeping under the Christmas tree.

DAD: My little princess, wake up!

MUM: Poor thing, she fell asleep under the tree.

CLARE (спросонья) :Where am I?

MUM & DAD: You are at home, of course.

FRANK: No, our Clare is in the land of toys.

CLARE: What? The Land of toys? Where is my nutcracker? ( берёт кукол) Trudy, Bella, Daisy, where is your prince? Tell me, please.

DAD: My dear, dolls can’t speak.

CLARE: They can. I spoke to them last night.

MUM: Only in your dream.

FRANK: Look, Godfather Dross has come.

Появляется Dross & his nephew Noel (Nutcracker, только без шляпы ). Clare подбегает к Dross

CLARE: Godfather, only you can tell me where my nutcracker is. Last night I was …

DROSS: Clare, let me introduce my nephew, Noel.

NOEL: Merry Christmas, Clare.

CLARE: Noel? It’s you! Merry Christmas, Nutcracker!

ALL TOGETHER: Merry Christmas!


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