Цели урока:

1. Познавательный аспект:

знакомство с социальными проблемами в подростковой среде в России и странах изучаемого языка.

2. Развивающий аспект:

развитие способности к обобщению, логичности и доказательности;

развитие воображения.

3. Воспитательный аспект:

развитие умения анализировать окружающую действительность с правовой точки зрения;

развитие самосознания и ценностной ориентации учащихся;

предупреждение правонарушений, осознание ответственности за совершение действий, запрещённых моралью и правом;

формирование потребности осознания своего права на собственную позицию, умения говорить «нет».

4. Учебный аспект:

контроль уровня развития речевых умений;

монологическая и диалогическая форма речи.

5. Здоровьесберегающий аспект:

применение на уроке эмоциональной разрядки песни – для снятия психоэмоционального напряжения, нейтрализации стрессогенных воздействий.

План урока:

I блок – целевой:

Организационный момент.

Целеполагание, мотивация.

II блок – процессуальный:

Brainstorm activity.

Discussing people’s opinions about drugs in groups.

Pupils’ opinions about drugs, drug and alcohol addiction.

Эмоциональная разрядка – песня «We are the world».

Контроль домашнего чтения:

выполнение контрольных заданий по прочитанному тексту;

диалоги обучающихся по прочитанному тексту, включая фразы, которые используются для выражения функций saying you are unwilling to do something, giving reasons.

III блок – аналитический:


Подведение итогов.

Ход урока

I блок – целевой.

1.Организационный момент.

Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls. I welcome you at the lesson and would like you to discuss teens’ problems. I hope you are OK today and ready to do it. I hope nobody is absent today.

Pupil (P): Yes, all the pupils are here.

2. Целеполагание, мотивация.

Teacher: Nowadays, more and more social problems are associated with being young. A few years ago alcohol, fights, killing were more problems for adults than for young people. But now alcohol, drugs, violence and AIDS are more and more associated with youngsters.

Almost half of teenagers have an experience with drugs, alcohol and sex under age of 16 in our country. In the USA every day 211 teenagers are arrested for drug addiction, 437 teenagers are arrested for alcohol drinking. 9% teenagers under age of 12-14 drink alcohol regularly. 31% - under age of 15-17. A lot of teenagers who have drug and alcohol addiction almost never believe that they are dependent. These things are often combined with family, school and social problems. Now you see the drug and alcohol problems are the main problems of young people in the world. You also understand that it is sometimes impossible to solve them. But people try. And today at the lesson we’ll speak about some of them.

II блокпроцессуальный.

1. Brainstorm activity.

Teacher: You will work in groups. Let’s try to remember the necessary words and expressions which are associated with the word "drugs”. Make your posters with word web.

Учащиеся должны предложить как можно больше слов, чтобы заполнить word web по памяти, затем каждая группа представляет свой плакат.

Teacher: Look at the blackboard. What awful words we see. Now you remember what words and expressions are associated with the word "drugs”.

P1: Yes, we know them. They are violence, crime, gang, death tag, danger, addiction, degradation, rebellion.

2. Discussing in groups.

Подключаются функции asking if someone approve, saying you approve, saying you do not approve.

Teacher:  People often associate these words and expression with drug usage. What is your attitude towards the following opinions about drugs and drug addiction? You will discuss the opinions from exercise 3.4) page 89. Give reasons. Explain us why you think so. Ask other groups.

P2: Drugs ruin our dreams. They make our lives unhappy. Do you approve of it?

P3: I think this opinion is absolutely right, because drugs destroy people. Drug addiction causes to loose everything, financially and emotionally.

P4, P5, P6, P7….

3. Pupils’ opinions about drugs, drug and alcohol addiction.

Teacher: We have spoken about different opinions. What is your personal attitude towards drugs, drug and alcohol addiction?

P8, P9, P10: The pupils’ opinions.

"Young people and drugs”.

"Why do they take drugs”.

"The destroying result of drug usage”.

Teacher: Your opinions that drugs are dangerous sounds just right. It is just what I had in mind.

4. Эмоциональная разрядка - песня «We are the world».

There comes a time when we heed a certain call
When the world must come together as one
There are people dying – and it’s time to lend a hand
To life … the greatest gift of all

We can’t go on – pretending day by day 
That some one – somewhere will soon make a change
We are all a part of – god’s great big family 
And the truth – you know love is all we need

We are the world – we are the children
We are the ones to make a brighter day 
So let’s start giving 
There’s a choice we’re making 
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true – we make a better day just you and me.

5. Контроль домашнего чтения.

Reader (exercise 9 page 38-39)

Writing the test.

Teacher: Today at the lesson you will write the test.

We can read а lot of articles about young people who take and sell drugs in different newspapers and magazines. They help young people not to make such mistakes in their life. Let’s remember the article which is entitled SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD PUPIL PUSHES POT. You have read it at home. Your tasks will be:

1) What might the article be about? Choose the possible ideas.

Something happened in the school canteen

А pupil won a lot of money

A billiard game took place in a school

A boy sold drugs

An incident happened during the handicraft lesson

2) Read the dictionary article. Does it help you to reconsider your ideas and narrow down the possibilities you had in mind? Which of these possibilities would you now choose?

POT [pot] n

a round container made of metal, clay, glass

the amount that the pot will hold

infml a dish, bowl, or other container made by hand out of clay

infml pots – a large amount (of money)

all the money risked in one card game, and taken by the winner

BrE a hit which sends the ball into any of the six small bags at the edge of the table in billiards or snooker

sl for marijuana

go to pot infml to become ruined or worthless

3) Answer the questions.

What is the article about?

Who is the article about?

What was he?

Why was he arrested?

What steps of taking drugs are mentioned in the story?
First .......
That’s why he was arrested.

What is the main idea of the story?

- The pupils’ dialogues.

Teacher: Often young people do something not because they want to do it. They do things, because everybody around does it or because they think it’s impossible to refuse. But sometimes we have to say we are unwilling to do something and give reasons.

Imagine that the young man can refuse from trying marijuana. How would he react? Which phrases would he use in this situation? And how would his life change if he can refuse from trying marijuana? Listen to your dialogues.

P11, P12, P13, P14: The pupils’ dialogues.

Обучающиеся представляют свои домашние диалоги, включая фразы, которые используются для выражения функций saying you are unwilling to do something:

I don’t really want to try it.

I’d rather not actually.

I don’t really fancy doing it.

I’d like to, but the thing is, my parents are against it.

I’m not really willing to do it.

и giving reasons:

It’s like this, you see, I know the result of it.

The main reason is that I know much about them.

III блоканалитический.

1. Рефлексия.

Teacher: You have learnt much dangerous about drugs and drug addiction at the lesson today.

What will you tell your friends about them?

P1, P2, P3.......

2. Подведение итогов.

The end of the lesson is coming. Your marks are…

Thanks for the lesson. I hope it has been very useful for you. Good-bye.


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