Cоциокультурный аспект – знакомство с освещением последних важнейших событий зарубежной прессой на примере веб-сайта газеты «Times»;

Развивающий аспект – развитие умения делать выводы и высказывать свое отношение к прочитанному;

Воспитательный аспект – урок затрагивает актуальную проблему нравственности в обществе, проблему двойного стандарта нравственности и расовой дискриминации в американском обществе;

Учебный аспект – развитие умения читать публицистический материал (формирование грамматических навыков чтения).

Речевой материал – Supreme Court, The Cabinet, Government, to elect, bill, Rights ,The Administration, Congress, The President, Amendment, focus, alleviate, predecessors, disparities, urban, pledge, neighborhood, mutter, infest, overall, AID, heavy funded, temporary, dropout, race, teaching standard, income, poverty, predominantly, set up, swath, force, blight, checkpoint, suburb, check, victim, murder.



I. Организационный момент.

Dear pupils, we’ve already learned some material about political system of the USA. Today we’ll try to look through the site of the British newspaper( "The Times”) and try to see if a political system can give equal rights to all the people in a country, even it is such powerful and reach country as the USA. We’ll see the way how foreign mass media discuss the main event of every leap year – the election of the US President.

II. Фонетическая зарядка.

But for the first we’d train spelling of some words. Look at the screen, match the words with their explanations and spell them.

1) Amendment    a) heads of the most important departments

2) The President    b) the branch of government consisting of the House of  Representatives, the Senate

3) Congress    c) a change made in a law or document

4) The Administration    d) a judicial branch

5) Rights     e) the branch of power consisting of the President, Vice President, and the Administration

6) A bill     f) the leader of the party winning in the election

7) To elect     g) something that you are allowed to do by law

8) Government     h) to choose someone for an official position by voting

9) The Cabinet     i) a plan for a new law

10) The Supreme Court     g) the group of people who govern the country

III. Речевая зарядка.

Answer the questions:

1) Who is the head of state in the USA?

2) Is the head of state elected directly by the people?

3) What person can take part in the election?

4) What person can become the President of the USA?

5) What is the presidential term? How often do Americans choose their President?

8) Do you know the new President of the US?

9) What can you tell about the Declaration of Independence?

10) Do all Americans always have equal rights?

It was very good of you. Thank you very much for your answers.

IV. Проверка домашнего задания.

At home you read the text about years of reconstruction in America. A group of your classmates made a presentation using the material from the text.

As you know, a week ago a very important event took place in America: an African American man became the President of the USA. Let’s watch the presentation and try to express your opinion about the meaning of Obama’s victory in the recent elections.

Приложение 1

Conclusion: The way to this event was very difficult and long for the nation. There were a lot of disappointments and losses on the way. But everyone will mention this event is of great importance and at the beginning of the last century nobody thought that some years later one of African Americans could become the President of the United States of America. Dreams of all black men became true at last and the shout of Martin Luther King "Free at last! We are free at last!” is fulfilled completely.

V. Работа с материалами зарубежной прессы (веб-сайт газеты "The Times”).

Now I’d like to offer you to look through the site of foreign newspaper "The Times” and get to know the discussion of Mr. Obama’s victory.

VI. Сначала учащиеся открывают предлагаемые сайты (www.timesonline.co.uk) и выполняют следующие задания:

1) Look at the first page of the site and try to find in the titles of the articles words and expressions that you know.

2) Find in the titles personal nouns, geographical names and occasions that you know.

3) Read the headline and try to say what the article is about (choose the article yourself).

VII. Затем открываем непосредственно две статьи, с которыми предполагается работать.

1) Read the headlines of these articles, what do you think the articles are about?

2) A headline is information in brief. Express this information detailed.

3) Look at the blackboard, let’s train spelling of some words:

focus – сосредоточивать внимание

alleviate – облегчать

predecessors – предшественник

disparities – расхождение, несоответствие

urban – городской

pledge – давать торжественное обещание

neighborhood – соседство; окрестности

mutter – бормотать, ворчать

infest – наводнять

overall – общий


heavy funded – наиболее финансируемая

temporary – временный

dropout – учащийся, бросивший школу

race – раса

teaching standard – уровень образования

income – доход

poverty – бедность, нищета

predominantly – преимущественно

set up – устраивать, создавать, организовывать

swath – ряд force – заставлять, принуждать

blight – конец, гибель

checkpoint – контрольный пункт

suburb – пригород, окрестность

check – контролировать

victim – жертва

murder – убийство

VIII. Каждый ученик группы получает небольшую часть текста для чтения и перевода, которую сначала переводит самостоятельно, затем каждый ученик читает свою часть текста. В случае необходимости учитель корректирует перевод с помощью других учеников.

Read your part of the text and translate it.

Приложение 2

IX. Реферирование статьи осуществляется с использованием вводных фраз сначала коллективно в классе, дома пересказ отрабатывается индивидуально в качестве домашнего задания.

Let’s translate the introductory phrases that you can see at the blackboard then we’ll try to use them in our retelling.

1. The headline of the article is…

2. It is written by

a Russian correspondent.

a British (American) journalist.

3. The article reviews the latest (current) events at home

the latest (current) events abroad.

4. The article opens with

a description of events in... .

information on the situation in ….

5. Then the author gives a

detailed analysis of the situation in ….

brief outline of the events in….

6. At the end of the article

says that….

the author

draws the conclusion that….

7. From my point of view, the most interesting items (facts) in the article are the following…

X. Объяснение домашнего задания.

Retell the article at home using the introductory phrases according to an example given on the lesson.

XI. Подведение итогов урока.

What do you think about future changes in American society that Barack Obama could make true?

What could he do to overcome disparities of colour and class?


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