Цели игры: 

закрепление навыков грамматики;

формирование навыков работы в группах;

формирование мотивации и устойчивого интереса к изучаемому предмету;

развитие мышления, языковой догадки, памяти и внимания учащихся.





презентация в формате Power Point;


Учащиеся делятся на команды (по 3 - 5 человека от класса). Каждая команда получает задание. За каждый правильный ответ команда получает по 2 конфеты в свою корзину; за неправильный ответ – 1 конфету. Таким образом, в конце игры определяется победитель. 

Ход мероприятия

Teacher: Hello, boys and girls!
I’m glad to see our guests here, too. Let’s begin the game called "The Grammar Competition”. Three teams will take part in it. So, dear captains, introduce your teams. ( Капитаны представляют свои команды). 
The 1st game: 
Fill in am, is, are. 
… he a pupil? 
… she a pupil/ 
… you a pupil too? 
I … not a pupil. 
I … a teacher. 
And I love you. 
Key: is, is, are, am, am 
The 2nd game. 
Correct the mistakes. 
Hi, how are you? 
Fine, are you? 
I is fine. How’s Bill? 
He is fine. How are Mary? 
She are fine. How’s Jack? 
He is sick. Oh, no! 
Key: Fine, and how are you? I am fine. How is Mary? She is fine. 
The 3rd game. 
Take one word from every column and make as many sensible sentences as you can.
You have 3 minutes to work. 










in class 



the best 




am not 



in town 



the most popular 





the worst 


our school 

Key: (possible answers) 1. I am taller than Helen. 2. He is stronger than Peter. 3. We are the best in our class. 4. She is cleverer than Jane. 
The 4th game. 
Write the 2 forms of the irregular verbs. 
To read, to swim, to go, to drink, to come, to do, to see, to buy, to eat, to get. 
Key: read, swam, went, drank, came, did, saw, bought, ate, got. 
The 5th game. 

Underline the suitable word. 

1. My sister is reading her friend’s/ friends book. 
2. We are reading/read now. 
3. Yesterday I go/ went to the birthday party. 
4. We always eat/ate a cake and drink/drank a lot of juice at the parties. 
5. How many/much eggs do you have for breakfast? 
6. There is/are four books in my bag. 

Key:1. friend’s 2. reading 3. went 4. eat, drink 5. many 6. Are 
The 6th game. 
Make up the sentences. 

1) older, my, is, than, friend, his, brother. 
2) 7 o’clock, TV, we, at, watch, usually. 
3) Did, he, when, home, come? 
4) Play, he, very, can, football, well. 
5) is, my, Tom, playing, dog, a, with, uncle. 
6) yesterday, school, did, Bob, not, go, to. 

1. My brother is older than his friend. 
2. We usually watch TV at 7 o’clock. 
3. When did he come home? 
4. He can play football very well. 
5. My uncle Tom is playing with a dog. 
6. Yesterday Bob did not go to school. 

The 7th game. 
Choose the right word. 

(These/this) crocodile (come/comes) from the River Nile in (the/-) Egypt. It (sleep/sleeps) in the river at night. (Crocodile/crocodiles) live in (the/ -) Africa, Asia, Australia and (the/-) America. They (live/ lives) in rivers near the sea. They (like/likes) to be in the sun. Crocodiles (eat/eats) frogs and fish in the river, but a big crocodile (eat/eats) big animals, for example zebras and monkeys. The zebras and monkeys (come/comes) to the river (to drink/drinks).
Key: this, comes, - , sleeps, crocodiles, -, -, live, like, eat, eats, come, to drink.


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