Цель урокa: Развитие коммуникативной компетентности.


Познавательная – расширить кругозор по теме «Музыка».

Развивающая – развивать навыки чтения с извлечением общей и специальной информации.

Воспитательная – воспитывать чувство толерантности к музыкальным вкусам окружающих.

Ход урока

I. Организационный момент

T: Good morning! Glad to see you! Sit down, please.

Today I invite you to the magic world of music. We are going to read about music, to speak about music and of course, we are going to listen to the music.

Last time we talked about different sorts of music. What kind of music do you like?

S: I prefer pop music best of all.

My joy is rock music.

I am keen on dance music.

II. Проверкадомашнегозадания

T: it goes without saying that different groups of people prefer different sorts of music. So, your home task was to ask people of different ages in our school about the music they like. What results have you got?

S: (представляют результаты в виде диаграммы)

III. Основнойэтап

T: We see the results differ greatly, don’t they? Do young people like listening classical music?

S: They don’t.

T: Is classical music for teenagers? (Тема урока записана на доске)

S: Difficult to say.

T: O. K. Let’s try to look at this problem from different angles.

T: I want you to read two opinions on music.

Task 1. Answer the question. Do they have similar tastes in music? 

Most of my classmates like rock. They think that bands like Deep Purple, Queen, Pink Floyd and others made a great breakthrough in the history of rock. But my parents think that this music is aggressive and dangerous. They say that if the music doesn’t destroy your mind, it will destroy your ear. I don’t think this music is destructive. I guess their albums are great achievements with no bad songs in them. I adore its energy, rhythm and its catchy tunes. Moreover there is much sense in the lyrics. It makes me think hard. Rock music is great.


I like classical music. I’d like to know some teens who are interested in classics because this is the MUSIC, the beginning of all. I have got two favorite composers though they are very different. They are Tchaikovsky and Gershwin. I heard Tchaikovsky’s piano concert No 1. It’s fantastic. The Russians have always put so many feelings into their music. Gershwin is my idol. I’m sorry that few young people know about his works. Glenn Miller and the swing era are built on his music. Though I am not keen on jazz I like Gershwin’s music. It’s fantastic, it’s classic in jazz.


Task 2 . Read the text once again and answer the questions. Work in pairs

Which of the ideas below are expressed by teens?

Which of them belong to James and to Stephanie?

Appealing and powerful music is all I want.

Gershwin’s music is special because it’s jazz and classics at the same time.

Led Zeppelin’s, Queen’s and Jimmie Hendrix’s albums are very good with very good songs in them.

Tchaikovsky and Gershwin are very different classical composers.

Tchaikovsky’s music is so fascinating because there are so many feelings in it.

The lyrics is very important in the songs.

There are bands and musicians that have made something new in rock.

Very few young people know classical composers.

T: You can see that James and Stephanie use different ideas to express their point of view.

What other reasons could Stephanie and James use to support their ideas?

His music has great tunes and some catchy melodies.

I think some young people even create idols of modern musicians.

He was a very important composer because he created something new.

He created the most overwhelming music I’ve ever heard.

T: And whose opinion do you share and why?

I think there is much in what…says. The music of…

I don’t like what…likes because…

I don’t know what to say because…

T: And still who supports Stephanie and thinks that classical music is for teens?

Split into two groups. In groups find arguments for and against rock and classics. These words and expressions will help you.


…pictures….in the mind

…makes me remember…

…makes us think of…

…appeals to…












…pictures….in the mind

…makes me remember…

…makes us think of…



…puts… to sleep

…is difficult to understand






T: Now fill in the table. 








T: What conclusion can we draw?

S: Of course, tastes differ.

By all means, classical music is very important. It’s the beginning of all.

T: As for me, I will also try to prove that classical music can be not only boring. And rock can also inspire. Listen to one piece of music. Try to guess the type of it. What impressions can it produce? (Вивальди «Времена года» в рок обработке)

T: Let’s return to the main question of our lesson. Is classical music for teens?

S: Yes, by all means.

Домашнее задание.

Your home task is to write an essay "Rock and Classics: Friends or Enemies” (100-150)

IV. Подведение итогов, выставление оценок.


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